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Google Announces 4 new games VR to Daydream

Google threw all the meat on the spit with Daydream device and platform of the same name. The large “G” company commitment clearly and unequivocally by virtual reality and, as if anyone who had any doubts in this regard, has just announced the imminent arrival of four new games VR platform Daydream.

During the celebration of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) taking place in San Francisco (California, United States), Google has announced the early arrival of some new and interesting games to its Daydream VR virtual reality platform. Would you like to know which titles it is?

Without a doubt, the most well-known, popular and interesting of these titles will be Virtual Rabbids, which has been jointly developed by Ubisoft and the creators of the original game. It’s a fun title that you are traveling throughout the world with the sole purpose of recovering a password of nuclear safety that has been stolen.

The next game in the list is called Beartopia and was developed by Spry Fox. In this case it would be a game of the build a prosperous society while you make new friends to cooperate with other players.

In third place we find Virtual Virtual Reality of Tender Claws, a game in which you can try different headphones VR and Virtual work System will help you identify the proper artificial intelligence.

The fourth and final game is called Along Together. Developed by Turbo Button, it’s a game where you are the role of an imaginary friend that you have to try to help to navigate safely through dangerous 3D puzzle. To do this you will have with the help of the remote control Daydream.

All these titles will be available “soon” in Google Play Store, although an exact date is not known at this time.

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