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Google Announces Jamboard, a huge slate touch

Google anuncia Jamboard, una enorme pizarra táctil

Google continues forward with innovative and projects other than what normally tend to see with other companies. On this occasion does so launched a mega device which has received by name Jamboard and that will be especially useful within the business and education sectors.

Jamboard is a huge 55 inch screen with 4K resolution and touch that serves as a huge slate of latest technology, ideal for presentations and exhibitions, but especially for collaborative work because it allows the connection and work simultaneously for multiple users on the same project.

Jamboard, the slate smart of Google

The year 2016 it is coming to an end, but this does not mean that Google is going to keep surprising us with new devices which not we had heard absolutely nothing.

The search engine giant recently announced a gigantic product called Jamboard. It’s a “slate” touch 55 inch with resolution 4 K which is not only compatible with Android devices, if not with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the Apple competitor.

Slate Jamboar allows that up to 16 users can connect to it simultaneously and from any device and over the world in order to collaborate in the development of a project.

Logged in users may carry out annotations and drawings about the document you are working on, as well as insert content in the form of images and/or videos. It is also compatible with the handwriting recognition in such a way that that users write by hand, will be transformed into digital text. And all this is displayed in the Jamboard of form immediately.

Also incorporates a camera of high definition and speaker for to make calls of video, and even pencils optical and to a “draft”.

Jamboard can be fixed to the wall as if it were a monitor or television, but also includes wheels for easy transport.

About the price, still do not know anything, but that it will be below the $ 6,000 and that sale will begin sometime in 2017.

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