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Google Announces supplements for documents and spreadsheets apps


In the early years of Android apps to edit text to the Microsoft Word were very few and rendered pretty bad. They had a basic operation and it was not until the years passed in which began to improve at the same time that the phones hardware evolved. Today we are at another time and have a good variety of apps for the office that are very rewarding for the great application that can give them is.

Today is when Google announced support to the add ons or plug-ins for their applications to Google documents and spreadsheets on Android, which will allow these versions of its office suite mobile integrate completely with other productivity tools. All great news for those who usually use this type of apps for their work or be more productive.

And is that today from same users will be able to sign documents, import CRM data or create apps from spreadsheets, while to download the appropriate plug-in add on. These add ons include DocuSign allowing you to sign documents and prepare them for this reason from the Google Docs interface.


Another of those apps or add ons is EasyBib, which allows you to Add complex annotations to a document from the comfort that can be from House sofa or when we are having a coffee in a café. ProsperWorks is used to import data, CRM, AppSheet to generate mobile apps from data from spreadsheets and Scanbot captures physical documents with your smartphone’s camera.

With this series of plug-ins, Google wants you to be more productive from your phone. It will be now that from the page of Google Play for bonuses in Google documents.

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