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Google Announces text translation, scanning of bar codes and more at Google Now on Tap

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Google Now on Tap is still a fairly unknown feature for many users, even for those who have Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It has several qualities quite striking, but finally one can be to use it to know the meaning of a Word and for not much more. Anyway, Google is incorporating news every so often so that it is adding more quality. Let us also remember as Google Now in its early stages had no PT that would go very far.

Now is when it has announced the addition of several new features, among which are the translation of text, content discovery and scanning of barcodes in Google Now on Tap. It is now when Google Now on Tap will include an option to translate text into your native language. Open On Tap and you are looking for by card translation. It only works on phones that have put the language to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Another new feature is the New button in the actions list of search predefined for featured content. The option to ‘Discover’ will display a stream of content related to the selected term. If One Tap “Samsung” on your screen, you have the option of showing a list of articles related to Samsung. Here you can include news, videos and more.

We can also talk of another of those developments and is the extra which is that you now can perform scanning QR codes and bar with Now on Tap. You open the camera and focus to the code, click on On Tap, and already have it ready. A feature related to the recognition of objects in real time which in the future will be improved thanks to the acquisition of this French startup that performs searches with objects that recognizes from the user’s camera.

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