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Google Announces the end of Google Spaces


In the past Google I / or may 2016, the giant Google announced comes it of a new instant messaging application spatially conceived as a tool that could prove very useful for team work and collaborative. We talked about Google Spaces, a service whose death has already been announced, and that it has not yet fulfilled a year of life.

The idea raised with Google Spaces was not too bad, in my opinion. The basic idea was that users could create private chats or “spaces” based on issues that matter to everyone in this space, and there before you can add content from different applications such as YouTube or Google’s own search. As I said, this concept could be useful for collaborative work, but the truth is that it was very short.

In addition, the launch was greatly confused, also coinciding with the announcement of other two applications of messaging, Allo, which could soon grow with a web version for computers, and Duo. Thus, this messaging apps “hodgepodge” should put a dent in an area already saturated and, above all, dominated by a couple of “big”. The result is that it has already fallen the first victim, Google Spaces.

If you are a user of Google Spaces, or at least have it installed and forgotten as it is quite likely, if you open the application you will see a message in which you know that the service will be closed to you.

In a post published by Google, the company says that as of March 3, the application Google Spaces will only see and read the content, but not to send anything new. Thus until April 17 in which there will be “murdered”.

How about the disappearance of Google Spaces? What it was intended to Google with this app? Do you think that his disappearance was already “sung”?

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