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Google Assistant can remember things in Allo, Pixel and Home


There is a very interesting battle between different virtual assistants, but as these are based on the relationship between machine-human, that capacity to engage a you to you that is the closest thing to the real thing, will allow distance as each other. Here is where Google Assistant gives the note to understand the context, so you don’t have to be reminding him all the time with the main subject of the last sentences as happens with others.

Another of his well differentiators is that Google Assistant can also remember things. It is in Allo, Pixel and Home, where you will find what has been previously asked to be answered. Assistant being cross-platform, it works on all three devices; You can make him remember something at Home and then ask in Pixel.

These details are which get that it can attract more attention this virtual assistant than others. You take a phrase like “Remember that I have…” and then the compretas. So if you need to Remember to buy milk, you have to say “Remember that I need to buy milk”, and Assistant will remember him. Even if ask you “what did you remember?, this will tell you that it was asked to remind you to buy milk.”

The keywords also workwell if Assistant is said to remember a password to say “my password is xxxxx”, you can say “What is my password?” and Assistant will tell you. You can also get to do things like add an article to #, to then tell you to erase that article #2.

It is worth mentioning that this it is not a reminder to Keep style. Not be can put or time or place, but rather tell you to Assistant that remember such thing. Like that friend that we say, “Hey, reminding me that I have to go down to buy bread.”

At the moment, we only have the option to test this ability from Allo, Pixel or Home are available in our country.

Download: Google Allo (Free, Google Play) →

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