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Google Assistant in Allo now responds in hindi and Brazilian


When it’s launched Google Allo a couple of months ago, we are left with the desire for power have a conversation in Spanish, since in its initial phase only offered support to the English, as happens with other Google products when they are released to the market. Anyway, Allo allowed us to try for the first time what is the virtual assistant Google Assistant.

In the day of today, finally, Google Assistant has two languages more with which can respond, since will use the hindi and the Brazilian Portuguese to relate is with them users that use Allo, it only via, without spend is a hard, of approach is to the assistance virtual that proposes Google in these moments. I say this, because the other way “related to” Assistant is through a Google Pixel.

It support to these two languages seems that is happening from the side of the server, by what one that wants to use some of them two, will have that wait to appears in it own app without have that do nothing more.


Once the functionality is updated, is selected from form automatic the Portuguese or the hindi as the language by default if is in the system. If for some reason it is still English as the language by default, Assistant could be used when using the voice command “talk to me in hindi/Portuguese” and the language setting will be changed at the moment to Allo.

Now is can communicate one with Assistant in the same form that is has made with the English of a form completely natural, since is is interaction which offers the Assistant virtual of Google if is you compare with others.

This appearance comes with some stickers related to Brazil. Smart Reply now can recognize these two languages and are attached to the German and English. Google also claims that soon will arrive new languages, so not take in use the our to relate us of better form with Assistant.

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