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Google Assistant now allows you to share articles on social networks

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is and will be the central hub for Android in the coming years. Allo, which was recently upgraded to 2.0, is the app of messaging that will cost you a lot to become good people, but thanks to Google Assistant, may have their time if all the products and services orbiting around this virtual Wizard which is proving its value when it comes to natural conversations.

Between any of its qualities is found the capacity to play a song, open apps or make notes, even reminders. But as with Pixel, a phone that was released in a not so pompous way, are finding older features that initially he sensed. Now, a user of Google +, this social network that hardly anyone uses, has discovered an interesting feature of Assistant that makes it easy to share all types of content on social networks.

When you’re reading an article, a user can “call” Assistant with voice “Ok Google” command and say “share this on Twitter” or “Share on Google +”.  The Assistant then prepares a twit or an entry to Google + to the copy the link of the article as the title, to then have it shared with all them followers that have in those accounts.

Of time, this feature is available in them networks social Twitter and Google +, but is expected that will integrate with Facebook, Google Allo and others so many services in the future. A very interesting novelty to make things easier when we are reading articles and do not wish to move by clicking on the button to share, search the network specifically and hit send.

Google Assistant has shown that has large capabilities to the conversation natural to the understand the context of questions without have that be using the subject main to each question that is le goes throwing.

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