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Google Assistant will be introduced in Android 2.0 Wear both Android TV

Android TV

The fight by it assistance virtual seems that goes taking greater importance and this year are going to stay us surprised by the movements of several actors that seemed more busy in others requirement. Google Assistant is the great bet of Google to integrate is in different services and apps, as have seen in Google Allo, your app’s chat.

Was question of time that knew that Google Assistant, apart from being present in Allo, the Pixel and Google Home, is out doing your site in more devices and services. Google Assistant will be coming to Android TV. The big G has confirmed it today itself at the same time that NVIDIA has announced its new SHIELD TV, which will also offer support to Google Assistant.

Google has indicated that all Android TV televisions that are in United States with Android 6.0 or 7.0 Android will receive the virtual assistant. So we can attend a string of devices such as the AirTV Player, Xiaomi my Box, Sharp Aquos and Sony Bravia which will have its entrails to the peculiar Assistant a few gifted for natural talks thanks to provide the context.

With Google Assistant is can control accessories as reduce them lights, search content of form exact through the applications installed as can be in Netflix, to even make questions and receive tips daily for your life.

Although it more curious is that nor is will be only in the televisions or gadgets with Android TV, but Google Assistant will be born this year to them smartwatches with Android Wear 2.0 as those systems for it helps in road.

As I mentioned, it was only a matter of time before Google Assistant take your space and be able to control all the devices you have at home by the comfortable use of your voice; even in a Hyundai as yesterday we met.

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