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Google brings Wi-Fi Asisstant to all Nexus users in selected countries

Project Fi

Last year Google became a Project Fi attendant. An of them features more striking of Fi is that is can automatically connect to the networks Wi-Fi known and secure to reduce the load of data. This functionality, well striking by the saving in data that can assume, is coming to all those users Nexus.

Wireless Assistant, as it has been called this feature can automatically detect when you are near an open Wi-Fi network that is trusted to automatically connect you to it, even without having to do anything for yourself. As I have said, this functionality comes very well for not only relegated in the data connection that provides the operator with which we contract or avoid the extra consumption of data that usually carry an extra charge.

Of time this new feature is being deployed to all those users Nexus that is found in United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and countries Nordic. Also know what are the devices that Google includes in the so-called “Nexus users”, but surely anyone who read us and have a Nexus of the latest batch, while logically in these countries, you can take advantage of this new functionality.

Project Fi

To find the wireless Assistant, it should go directly to the app from Android settings, click on Google, click networks, and from there we need to enable the feature so we can use it properly. If your phone is connected to Wi-Fi Assistant, you will see a small key in the upper corner of your device. It is an Android like the VPN icon , although in this case it indicates a connection to a free Wi-Fi network. If by whatever you don’t want to connect to this network, you can click on “forget” to press and hold in the same name of the network in the Wi-Fi settings.

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