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Google buys a startup that helps the user to identify objects


Google has stepped on strong with Tango and that smartphone from Lenovo that enables the user to measure indoor spaces with this large amount of sensors that has that special phone. A project that seemed it would not see the light never, but it already is with us from a few weeks ago. Google that investment in new projects and experiences of use which tends to give sufficient support to bring them to the market Finally, and although many are left along the way.

Those in Mountain View have now acquired Moodstocks, a French startup that specializes in object recognition from a smartphone, which demonstrates the interest that has Google to increase its capabilities for the AI or artificial intelligence. Unlike other products, Moodstocks relegates in the own smartphone instead of using a server that is to receive the data for object recognition as it would happen with the Goggles app.

It is also Google photos we find also that recognition of images within the photos, so Google looking to have all the best ingredients to ensure the best recipe that has to do with artificial intelligence and those personal assistants who are responsible for much of our tasks for the coming years.

The own Moodstock is which says that there is still a long way ahead for learning machines, although Google surely that will be shortened. Apart from that, it is rumored that Google is working on a feature that allows Android users to search directly from their phones, although that don’t know is if this acquisition will have something to do as it keeps the company.

Us digirimos completely to learning machines with Cortana, Alexa, Google Now, Siri, Google photos, the app’s translation of texts from Microsoft and other apps that include all kinds of gadgets and vehicles like those automated that nothing more will have to make to lead us.

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