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Google Calendar is integrated with your fitness goals

Google Calendar

Google Calendar now offers integration with Google Fit and the health of Apple app, which will mark the tasks related to health and physical exercise as finished, and adjust the objectives associated with it automatically.

To create goals in Google Calendar, users can choose the type of physical activity and then specify the frequency, duration and the best time of day to carry it out. The calendar will then seek time form intelligent in your programming and will adjust it automatically according to the schedule of that day and if often end up delaying it.

Google Calendar you support in your activity physical

Until now, users had to manually mark that they had completed a particular objective to avoid to receive further reminders regarding this. However, with the update now, the Google Calendar of Android application can integrate with Google Fit, while your iOS version integrates with Apple health, in such a way that synchronizes the activity of these two applications and records in Google Calendar to mark as completed objectives.

Objectives: connect to Apple health Calendar to automatically mark as completed fitness goals and better schedule upcoming sessions. Check your progress with the new option of visual tracking.

In addition, from Google Calendar is you can access directly the used fitness application, without forgetting to make use of the data recorded to suit your activity at the time that it is more likely to complete it. For example:

Let’s say you set a goal to run it to the 6:30 every morning, but that you are actually not achieving your path until 7:15 – Google Calendar you have followed and it will adjust accordingly.¬†Thus, Calendar not only can track their activities and performance, also can help you find the best time to do so.

And you can see what you are doing with the new display of performance:

Version 1.6.7 of Google Calendar is now available free of charge in the app for iOS store, offering in addition extra support for 3D Touch (“hold an event to quickly view their details without leaving the agenda view”). Meanwhile, the 5.7 version continues deploying through Google Play Store.

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