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Google confirms that Nougat is Android 7.0 in a video published

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Google is one that knows how to play his cards when it comes to raising expectations about the new version of Android. Perhaps does not reach the height of other manufacturers that sell the virtues and benefits of their terminals all over the planet with these leaks and news, but when it is time to raise the expectations on the future name of Android N, is able to create a web site to ask for recommendations on the name of this version of Android.

Yesterday we published that Android is Android Nougat, but we are left with the doubt about the version number of the update that is very associated what is nougat. Finally, in a video posted from the official Android YouTube channel we already know that Android 7.0, it is so because only we have to wait for those two devices Nexus, which today we had an interesting filter, are available for purchase with 7.0 Android Nougat.

7.0 Android after Android 6.0.1, which may mean that Android N has not had an own release. We’ve had Android 5.0 to 5.1, 4.0 to be 4.1, and even reach 4.4. We could continue with the numbers of versions but those.1 have more to do with solutions to bugs that came in the final version more than anything else.

Android 7.0 Nougat

This new statue erected by Google also has been criticisms for the lack of design to put three pieces of nougat at his feet. Won’t launch thoughts conspiracy theorists about what it means having three pieces of nougat, since if they were two could mean something else, so left it as without looking at anything other than this snowman green that so much joy Android gives us and that we will soon have our terminal, if the smarpthone manufacturer it would like, as version 7.0 of Android.

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