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Google Crowdsource is an app that seeks help in the translation and other services from the users


Google Opinion Rewards us offers a great opportunity to opt to get some euros for thus then consume them in content multimedia of the Google Play Store without have that pass by the disbursement of our own money. A form of help to Google to know what think of different services or establishments in Exchange for a few euros.

As there are millions who relegated on Google services on a daily basis, either Maps or Google search, now is the company which asks for help users to help improve those services with a few seconds of your time. Users can help with a transcript of an image, recognition of writing, translation, validation of translation or the same but with a map.

Users that have ease with different languages can help with the translations, but if so you do not have this ability, you can help with the transcription of an image or the handwriting recognition. Transcription of images shows poorly focused images of signs, normally road, and asks you to think it is.


Handwriting recognition follows the same formula, but with an image that shows the terrible way of writing that they have some. Google Announces app in this way:

Get tasks simple and fast that will have a great impact, as improving the quality of translator of Google in your language or of Google Maps in your country. Each microtask takes less than 5 to 10 seconds, so the next time you have some free time, they will be waiting for you to help us solve them. Whenever uses the app, know that you have helped to Internet is a best place for your community

Would be rather than this app work as Google Opinion Rewards and pay in euros to them users, of this form them would encourage to continue helping them to convert Internet in a better place for all.

The first steps with the app

The first thing that asks the app is the language or languages you control. Select those that know and pass to the screen master of Crowdsource. Here you have the five most important categories: transcript of images, recognition of writing by hand, translation, validation of the translation and validation of the translation of Maps.


We can choose any, but it is recommended that if you only know Spanish, you go directly to handwriting recognition by hand for example. In the following screen will be shown written by hand a word or phrase. You have the option to change the language if you have selected more than one. If not is as well, will have to the Spanish to write the text that you see written hand. What you write and valid. If you see that one not it understand press on jump to have another option.

In the category of transcription of images can that not have any for validate, but if you use the English you can find several. It follows the same formula as above so you can write that it reads in the image. The validation of translation you will be putting examples of translations that have of validate. You have the option of right or wrong for each of the translations you need to validate. The last category, the of maps, not had any option in the moment that did this entry, but will continue to the same form that the validation of translation.

From the panel side or of hamburger will have the option to see your contributions total and what would be the settings. You can change the languages that you control at all times, enable the caching, caching only in Wi-Fi networks, and enable notifications and reminders.

A simple app which, as I have said, would be good that Google would offer to change credit to use in the Google Play Store.

Download: Crowdsource (Free, Google Play) →

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