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Google Earth Enterprise will be open source starting from March

Google Earth

Already a decade that the search engine giant launched Google Earth Enterprise enabling companies building and accommodation updates private both Google Earth and Google Maps.

By surprise, in the year 2015 the company announced that the service would be closed in March of 2017 however, now Google has modified those plans initial announcing the opening of all the main tools of Google Earth Enterprise, precisely for the moment in which, initially, was to be closed the service.

Avnish Bhatnagar, Google Cloud Senior Technical Engineer, has announced through a publication in the Geo Developersblog, that Google will publish the code source of GEE, GEE Server and GEE Portable Server on GitHub in March. At the same time indicated that all those tools will be published under the license Apache2.

We are very pleased to announce that we are using Google Earth Enterprise (GEE), the business product that allows developers to create and host their own private maps and 3D globes.

With this version, Fusion GEE, GEE Server, source code and GEE Portable Server (all more than 470,000 lines!) will be published on GitHub licensed Apache2 in March.

The reason why Google would have taken this decision the company has given to explain that “the feedback is important to us” and I had heard that many customers still use Google Earth Enterprise in “mission-critical applications” and which have therefore preferred to not opt for other options.

Ultimately, Google hopes that Google Earth Enterprise users migrate toward their Cloud Platform and Earth Engine solutions, but while this takes place, the availability of Google Earth Enterprise company, although it will do so in a different way, making it open-source, to meet current users.

Finally, the company also thanks it helps in the preparation of the code to migrate to GitHub: “are grateful by the helps of our partners of GEE in the preparation of it base of code for migrate to GitHub.” It is a lot of work and we can’t do it without them.”

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