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Google emerges from its Nexus brand for its two smartphones imminent

Nexus 6P

We have already had some news that another warning that Google would make this year its own brand in the case of those two phones manufactured by HTC. This would mean that the Nexus name would disappear from the new Google phones and they would be of the company, a fact that is taking more and more shape and is understood perfectly, since the latest Nexus are more consumer products than those for developers as they devised in the beginning.

Google would be about to get rid of the Nexus brand of the imminent two Sailfish and Marlin known from a new report. The company would be prepared to enter these two smartphones manufactured by HTC and both phones would be announced in the market with a mark different to which has been Nexus. Everything indicates that Google would be ready to use its own brand and have their own Google devices with certain characteristics that would encourage their purchase by many users.

It time for Google

Google would withdraw the name Nexus of those phones and it would replace by the logo “G”. Apart from this cosmetic change, some new features to Google phones would be included to improve the end user experience. We have known that two quarterly updates come including new features and apps, so it was the same Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, which warned that the company would be bringing more features to Android on these phones of its own brand.

Nexus 6P

What remains well clear is that this type of devices, call them Nexus or as go to be called, not disappear so will continue having this type of features in them:

  • Android is open source
  • Google keeps supplying the code
  • Nexus, or such as are to be called, will receive updates well fast
  • They are reasonably priced
  • Those devices Nexus existing will continue being updated
  • Are phones with the boot unlocked

So not there why scare is or anything similar since is a transformation that was evident in the time. Google has all in your hand for them phones own that go to remove have certain advantages against the others of the rest of manufacturers. If us complain of that takes in get them updates, that the layers are heavy and that them range high is pass of price, with the phone of Google will have solution to all these details, so has the road well clear and is by this same that have seen to Samsung and Huawei warning this year of that would seek another SO (or them same is it believe).

The time for HTC

That all said, HTC would be in a very special moment to take advantage of it. Here also appreciate as Google know that thanks to the Taiwanese manufacturer, and until Samsung took over the domination of the market with the Galaxy S2, Android began to take whole and to position itself as an OS to take into account. Them phones of HTC were very appreciated and even envied by them users of the iPhone by the layer custom Sense.


Google you is returning the Please, so when are presented them new phones of Google and know really the brand, that surely is will take part of the attention of million of people in all the world, HTC may return to the palestra for demonstrate that still continues being there. If has been capable of present two phones without problems, if continues the current that will be two phones with the logo “G” printed in the housings, will have, as is would say, the wind to please for return to be what were.

For the part that touches you Google, and the obvious fly of Huawei and Samsung, can possibly excuse that these two brands have benefited from what Android has been in recent years and that touches you “turn”. Now we also hope to be able to take advantage of the wind in favor.

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