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Google evaluates release a firmware to add gesture in the footprints of the Nexus 5 X and 6 p sensor

Nexus 6P

Pixel and Pixel XL have another well striking exclusiveness and this is the option to use a gesture in the sensor of fingerprint, allowing access to the expansion of the notification bar. This feature was such that not would be present in the Nexus 5 X and 6 p because not was supported by the hardware of these terminals. But found that both Pixel and the two Nexus have the same fingerprint sensor.

It now seems that Google is evaluating the possibility of a new firmware, both 5 Nexus X as the Nexus 6 p, have this so striking feature on the fingerprint sensor. The excuse given is that the version of the firmware of the scanner in those two phones was not able to implement the option of the gesture, but with a firmware upgrade would be possible.

The PR manager of Google has declared that are evaluating the option of a update of firmware for the Nexus 5 X and Nexus 6 p to add the support to the gesture of the scanner of footprints fingerprint of them Pixels.

This does not mean that it will be so, but there is a halo of hope so that you can use in your Nexus 6 p and Nexus 5 X that gesture allowing to expand the notification bar for what would be a good fast action that allows another user experience with the Android device.

Google not has given more details about that new firmware or when would arrive or, mismamente, that factors influence so that gesture is active or available. What I wonder is if the Nexus can use the gesture, which other phones of this year 2016 could access this gesture so special in the fingerprint sensor fingerprint? We will remain vigilant to the next news coming from the big G.

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