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Google gives for cancelled Project Ara

Project Ara

Since Project Ara was released, this has come a long and hard way. We now know from a new report that has finally come to its final destination. There are sources that maintain that Google has suspended work on Project Ara as a part distribute efforts in other hardware projects.

Project Ara began in the ATAP division of Motorola, but was Google which kept much of the equipment when bike was sold to Lenovo. The idea of Mountain View was to launch Ara in Puerto Rico in 2015, but was finally cancelled without a mere explanation to know the whys. The only thing that has been receiving are promo images and the video demo getting us today a little cold to a project that had a bright future ahead.

One of the reasons for Project Ara has been cancelled is by the arrival of President Rick Osterloh of Moto to unify its business from hardware. That is because we are now about to receive Pixel instead of the Nexus phones and Ara is being cancelled.

From the same source of the news is that Google would be taking the technology behind Ara to be launched any of the forms, but the hardware will not do it. What us remains is some explanation truthful of why they cancelled this project aimed at a user could go replacing parts of your Ara phone so he could be following while demands on hardware.

If we now look at the Smartphone market in which almost have to buy a new one in order to purchase the new version of Android, get more storage by not offering some microSD cards, or as terminals serving or two years from the market are not updated (e.g. Xperia Z3), we can understand why this project would not be for nothing.

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