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Google greatly improves the experience of navigation in Maps

Google Maps

Street View has not always been the best app to offer an experience of navigation smooth and without major problems. Its special functionality caused us forget about some of their handicaps as we move through the various streets or avenues by which visually we could move virtually. A few years ago it was something quite unprecedented and surprising, but to day, with the evolution of technology, we were expecting that at some point they put hands to work and offered another experience in exploration.

Google finally has replaced these old arrows by a feature that has to do with gestures that move through the navigation of Maps is very fluid and easy in use. In this way the experience obtained greatly improves and explore anywhere more easily and without having to be almost hitting you with the app almost as he spent previously.

The way it works is pretty simple and now vyou erás a blue line that is drawn everywhere so that you are able to explore. You simply put your finger on that line and start to drag it through the direction you want to go. The option has been enhanced to be able to look in the direction you see one to know best way which will be the intersection one take.


The load has also been improved and you can almost feel that you are flying through areas of the city or town where you go with a few quick swipes. The only thing which still at times Maps entangled when you meet some crossings where Google has reported different ways.

At the moment it is functional from the server-side, so you can have the 9.26.1 version and you find you don’t have it available. An interesting novelty that reaches almost at the same time as a previous version of Maps.

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