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Google hides a bar of navigation highly customizable in Android Nougat

Barra navegación

New versions of Google apps usually hide part of the code of what will be a new feature that would be on the verge of arriving. In this way you can Intuit where an app like Google Maps is headed. But not only is is in those apps of Google, but the versions older of Android also have code that not is active and that resides of form hidden so in some time pass to be a feature more to be used by all.

Android Nougat is here with us, yesterday we met all their details, and we now know that you one of the Saints and signs for the purest version of Android, which are virtual keys, they can be customized. Is in these keys virtual where has existed a small fight between Google, that recommended to all them OEMs that them used, and Samsung, that always is decided by the keys physical to differentiate is of the rest. Now we know that that bar of navigation, with those three key virtual, would be punto of change.

Customizing the bar of navigation

Thanks to part of the code that is found hidden in the System UI Tuner Android Nougat, we know that you could be a deep personalization in the form in and equipped with the latest version of Android devices may work. Even there are some screenshots that show them freedoms that is could take on those keys virtual.

Teclas virtuales

Would be talking of that, theoretically, is could delete all those keys well known by all and leave only a few or some new. He submenu indicates that there is a prior of the bar of navigation in the part superior and three sections that divide this bar in three areas: left, Center and right.

The three icons on the right allow you to change the position, resize or delete them directly from the bar directly, which would give a good amount of options to the user customize this space of the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

The options to choose

And it best comes now, since could replace those keys by another for the Clipboard, for a function special that want for the keyboard or another that is us pass by the head and think that us can come best that it of apps recent. Unknown if this customization will be to the next update of Android 7.0, that would be the 7.1 when they landed two Nexus devices, but the fact is that it is there present.

Teclas virtuales

We must also think that this option could be very usable by developers of apps that could be found in the navigation bar a good partner to improve its launchers or other apps for productivity. Nor do I know the freedom that it would give them, but opening a bar that has been subject to fewer changes, would be a great opportunity and return these great options that Android has always had a little with regard to our mobile device personalization.

At the moment, we will put the feet on the ground to think that we we have a few options as free mode desktop that was a hack of the first version for developers and which led us to imagine that we would soon have those options to almost have a small PC in our tablet or other larger device.

Not know if in the 7.1 or already in Android or it will see, it more interesting is that Google not is closes to open the bolt to features that seem inherent to the own system and is capable of modify those aspects that in others SO, as iOS, are unable of or touch. It is this one of the greatest qualities of Android and the reason for its success.

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