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Google Home come to conquer your home with Google Assistant

Google Home

If Google Assistant is the hub where all Google products will rotate, Home is the gadget for the home in which you can receive natural responses to perform all kinds of actions such as shown at the event. A home in which the intelligence artificial will take your site to organize all those photos, tasks, reproduction of music and have a conversation more natural of what has come being in these last years.

If we have gone from the PCs to the web, and finally to the mobile, the next step, according to Google, it cries will be AI or artificial intelligence. All those billions of photos that are taken annually, the vast capacity of emails or all kinds of multimedia content that we came to play, will be managed in a “smart” way to not lose in tasks that are automated as it happens already with Google photos.

In the event presentation of Google Home, have could see a good number of examples in which is has shown the potential that will have a hub that is integrated in the home as part virtual of the same.


Nest, Samsung smarthings, Phillips and TWITTERFEED are several of the partners. Google Home parear√° with Chromecast to be able to control the TV with voice commands. In this way you can launch with voice commands series television, television shows or anything for what usually use Google dongle.

Google Home price is 159 euros and will be available for the next few days in the United States. Will have the version by these lares in Spanish, since have presented even to Google Assistant in other languages, so not is will take much in to communicate is with an Assistant of voice that brand them first steps for it was AI, as it has called Google.

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