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Google Home is Chromecast instead of Android-based

Google Home

Google wants to RAID your home with your gadget Google Home with which you will have all of a personal assistant to perform certain daily tasks from the comfort which means your House sofa. With voice commands you can manage your emails, play music, or know the prognosis of weather for the next few hours.

Google Home we know some of their details, especially in relation to its functionality, but we were unaware that it will be more based on Chromecast than Android. Something that might be evident due to the great success that has had this device and its characteristics that are located in a space similar to what offers Home.

Chromecast is one of the devices to more successful course for Google. The use of technology is perfect for a Google Home that his job is essentially to take information from the Internet and tell you naturally through a conversation. Sending and receiving bits of information from what is the cloud, it is precisely to what Chromecast was designed.

Google Home

Where will find a Google problem is capacity relationship of Chromecast with apps, something that will feel Google Home. They will need to be in the cloud and will need to be able to communicate with Google so that they work through Google Home, so those in Mountain View are taking it so calm to create an ecosystem of third-party.

To try to solve all these problems, Google has finally decided to use a more direct and simple solution with Chromecast. So we will have to wait a little to meet the release date and price with the device from Google that want to storm the living room to provide you with a great personal care.

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