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Google Home will come to the United Kingdom in the second quarter of 2017

Google Home

One of the most successful carried out by Google in 2016 will begin to make their way all over the world as soon as during the second quarter of 2017. We refer to the connected speaker Google Home.

According to has confirmed Rick Osterloh, director of the division of hardware from Google, the company will begin to distribute the speaker intelligent Google Home in the United Kingdom in some time still not pointed out of the second quarter of 2017.

Google Home come to Europe by the door UK

Intelligent speaker Google Home was launched in last November 2016 in United States at a price to the public of $129. Since then, the company has embarked on a very aggressive marketing campaign in order to know the product to potential U.S. customers, including the payment of five million dollars for the issuance of a notice of only thirty seconds of duration during the end of the Super Bowl.

Now we know that Google Home will reach the continent by the usual gate which represents the United Kingdom in just a few months. Rick Osterloh, director of the division of hardware of Google, has confirmed them plans of launch for the device Google Home in the United Kingdom in a statement to the BBC that has had place during the Mobile World Congress 2017 that is is celebrating in these companies in Barcelona, Spain.

The Executive added that Google had a “huge advantage in artificial intelligence” which in turn gives a great advantage when it comes to be able to interpret the questions that its owner will make you better Google Home device, in comparison with rival products such as the Echo Amazon, which already is on sale in the United Kingdom.

Osterloh has not revealed yet what will be the price that Google Home will be put on sale in the United Kingdom, as you have not provided a date specific to their arrival at the shelves.

The English language, no doubt one of the reasons for the arrival of Google Home in the British Isles

With its arrival to the United Kingdom, although in both territories, United States and England, is speaks English, will result quite interesting how the Google Home and his assistant intelligent based in commands of voice Google Assistant is handled with them different accents and forms of expression used in the English British in comparison with the English employee in them United States. Certainly some, not only the power of the market of the United Kingdom has been the cause by which this will be the following territory in receive to the Google Home, but also the similarity linguistic that will minimize them critical by failures, especially if is had opted by another territory with languages so different to the English as the German, the Greek or the Spanish.

Google Home ya ofrece integración con Netflix y Photos

An advertisement should

The news of the launch of Google Home in the United Kingdom is produces just after have emerged some new rumors on the device Amazon Echo and his assistant smart’s voice Alexa. According to information from of different sources anonymous, and that therefore must “take with tweezers”, the giant of them sales Amazon is trying to of achieve that Alexa is capable of differentiate between several voices single. This advance would be extraordinary because, at the time that allows a parent to make certain purchases using your voice, could prevent children to do the same with just identify that you it’s a voice in particular.

And apparently, according to those sources anonymous, Amazon has State working in this feature from the summer of last 2015, while still is unknown the status in that is is the project, or when is added, or tpco if is added to Alexa and to them speakers Amazon Echo of the company.

Do you think that Google Home begin its expansion in the United Kingdom? You prefer that outside Spain? Do you plan to get one as soon as it goes on sale here?

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