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Google improves Snapseed with tool of curves and corrects the detection of faces


Snapseed was a of the best apps of Edition of pictures that had in the first years of Android. Google finally bought it for the high quality of its filters, and it has become a somewhat secondary level by all those apps that have been emerging in recent years. Of all forms are updated ago 7 months with some features interesting.

Best of all is that Snapseed has today received its first major update of the year. The app for photo editing that you bought Google of Nik Software in 2012, finally incorporates a Curves tool, which improve the accuracy that can be obtained by controlling the brightness levels and the variation of colors in the image that is being edited.

This feature can be better understood on a mobile device that is capable of shooting RAW, allowing these to retouch them in best possible way. An app that has it harder with the applications launched by Adobe, since this one is right now at a great time to focus on the mobile, including to stand to the Chrome to make available there also all apps.

These are the news summary of Snapseed:

  • New curve tool
  • Select the location of line adjustment in multiline text
  • Improved face detection
  • Greater quality in the grain to the filter white and black

The Curves tool allows you to change the key of the image. If you have used at some point the curves in other app tool, as in Adobe Photoshop in the desktop version, you’ll find the same interface and way of work. Of all forms, includes some presets by default if one does not is familiar with this super tool.

Detection of faces has been improved to get more faces in the new version. If by what is Snapseed fault to the detect a face, is can make of form forced, but takes more time. Also when choosing a text effect that has multiple lines, lines can be created manually when you enter the chosen text.

If you want to access the update manually, here’s the APK.

Download: Snapseed (Free, Google Play) →

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