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Google in Apps you allows you to make searches of information inside the apps


Have been capable of use the search of Google to find files or any thing in the phone, even in them apps, although now is receives a update that power this same according to Announces Google from your own blog to a feature called Google in Apps.

Google announced last night same that a new section “In Apps” will now be located in the search bar which will show results from the apps that you have installed, such as contact information, specific messages, music, videos and notes. Google also clarified that, in this case, the search takes place in the phone instead of what would be the cloud, by what can function perfectly without connection u offline.

In apps could see it in an of the images shared on the LG V20 as the first phone that will be released to the market by a manufacturer with Android 7.0 Nougat. It is this same phone will have a direct access to In Apps on the desktop and a single second screen. So when you get this update to your phone, you can expect to see results from Gmail, Spotify and YouTube by now, with Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist and Google Keep inside of very little.

In apps

Of all forms, also have the option of launch the app of Google to find it tab located in the part superior. It check what are the apps you want can also be appearing by their search results, so depend on yourself ignore some, while you leave the step to others.

An simple and interesting feature that will allow you to quickly find information in your phone. Will depend on of them own developers of third that offer this functionality that can activate the app from them settings of Google, or disable it in your case.

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