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Google is working on an update to solve a problem of the Pixel camera


The presentation of the new internet giant Google Pixel has been a resounding success. Such has been the demand for units that Google has been surpassed by full, and that the models are quite more expensive than previous Nexus models.

We know that Google had time enough just to create this new line of phones, so that resistance to dust and water were left in the dark. And it seems that they were also to review some elements of the camera since Google is preparing an update that will fix the problem that some Pixel cameras are suffering.  

In some images appears a very annoying halo

halo en google pixel

The new Google Pixel camera is the best that you can find in the market, or rather the best camera ever mounted on a smartphone today. But they have a serious problem that luckily the big G solved by a software update.

The problem is that when the light falls directly onto the lens from a particular angle are known circles like halos and that can be quite annoying. In the case of the Pixel family, seems that they are very sensitive to this problem and even in environments little illuminated appear very significantly, especially in the corners of the capture.

He is expected that GGoogle solve this problem quite quickly and release a update within approximately two weeks. Taking into account that the Google Pixel camera is the strongest points of the new line of terminals of the internet giant, I am sure that they will solve it as soon as possible. Anyway I do not understand how a terminal can go out with unfallo of this type, is that people who try phones there is?

Google Pixel

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