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Google Keep now automatically creates themes for your notes


The “smart” is transforming many apps that are already able to “think” user to perform certain basic tasks thanks to the algorithms that some have. This happens with artificial intelligence and those virtual assistants will go populating our homes for the next few years so that, with the introduction of a few data, are able to send emails, play a song at such an hour, or assist us in road to go by selecting the best route to reach the destination before.

Google Keep is the application that now receives a “smart” feature and will help you find the old and new notes even if never occurred to you mark them with a tag. The free app now organizes your notes based on themes created automatically, as it can be food, places and even travel. Even something better, you can search entries simply by clicking on the search bar to bring shortcuts to topics that you can access.

Already yesterday we talked about some of the qualities of the best four apps to take notes after learning that Evernote has restricted basic accounts and uploaded the price the Plus and Premium version. What can comment a Keep improving qualitatively with this “smart” feature that the own Google has not exactly explained its operation, although it took a track of the words you use in these notes created.

#GoogleKeep organized. Search automagically created topics like books, food and quotes for iPhones and web, @Android

-Google Docs (@googledocs) June 29, 2016

If you type “make suitcase for the trip to Paris”, the app automatically it will associate the input with travel. Quite useful for which they spent to organize notes and ready-to-do in a way mismamente or manual with the tags that often have colors. The feature should these already available for both Android and iOS, as well as to Keep on the web.

Download: Google Keep: notes and checklists (Free, Google Play) →

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