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Google Keep updated with the ability to take text from an image

Keep OCR

The great part of apps that us allow scan documents, have with the ability of recognize the text of the image to thus pass it to a document word or a PDF. In this way we fight the heaviness that can be manually transcribe it to a file in our smartphone, which gives us great productivity in the end.

Google Keep has updated in version 3.4 with the ability to “take the image text” or what could be called as OCR. Is in the screen where is can draw notes, in which will find this option called “taking text of image” so so can pass it directly to an of those notes that can have synchronized in your varied devices.

This ability is what gets all text to scribes with your finger on the screen, you can pass it to writing, what may be a striking and peculiar way of writing a note to.

It only that this feature has of get in the version 3.4.462.01, a that still not is present in the Google Play Store, so as not works all perfect, surely that see soon a new update that improves this form special of take the text in screen.

What it does is to Use OCR to read an image and determine if there is a text that can be used. It is then when it passes it to the text in the note area.

An interesting feature that is added to the improvements in the mode drawing as are those new tools of creation: text, forms and stickers. These new forms of drawing are well evident and there isn’t much to explain, apart from what are tools that will allow us to make simple designs for some function in particular.

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