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Google made two smartwatches Android Wear Google Assistant

Google smartwatch

If Google started the 2016 I/O keynote speaking of the virtues and benefits of the virtual assistance it is because it will be one of the cornerstones of most of their products for the coming years. After be talking because we were going to be relegated in a wizard a lot of daily tasks, presented their Google Home, which emphasized a product that will use Google Assistant, your learning system that relies on its excellent voice recognition to provide users of any type of information or action.

This Google Assistant will be one of the greatest qualities of the first two smartwatches Android Wear that is manufacturing the same Google. A leak has shown that these two devices Android Wear will be launched after the two phones Nexus announced end of summer. Thus the possibility that they also carry Nexus marks that there is in them. Two wearables that one will be larger and with a tone more “sport” well filled with components such as LTE, GPS, heart rate sensor, and the other will be smaller and without the possibility of mobile data and GPS.


We also know that both watches have a circular shape. One of them has been referred to as Angelfish and has enough similarities to the current bike 360 and Urbane 2 LG. A smartwatch with a visual tone to the “sport” well evident as it recognizes the source responsible for dispensing information. It has three buttons and a watch face with a button provided on the right of the Crown of the watch, while the other two circular buttons at the top and bottom, but in one smaller size.


This smartwatch Angelfish is a thicker, hence its greater capacity for LTE, GPS and heart rate, with 14 mm sensor and having enough space for a chip the LTE-ready. The diameter of the clock is 43.5 millimeters. The color that will come will be dark grey to what would be called as “titanium”. Having all these capabilities in GPS, LTE and heart rate sensor, it allows you to be a device Android Wear independent. Something that goes along with Wear 2.0 announced in 2016 I/o.


We go to the second intelligent clock named Swordfish. This more to what a Time Pebble may be closer and removed from the equation a larger screen and buttons layout different from the other made by Google. Although you will have similarities in the design to be two smartwatches who could be called as brothers, but with its own distinctions.


Swordfish has a single central button on the right side of the body with a more delicate touch in general terms. According to the source the button would have some similarities to the Crown of the Apple Watch. A wearable small and thin than Angelfish, with a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 10.6 mm. This will be available in three colors: silver, titanium and rose gold. Here we can forget about LTE and GPS connectivity, although we will wait to see if the heart rate monitor will be present.

The two will present the integration of Google Assistant with contextual alerts. Now we will have to see where are differentiated by having Google Assistant of the other smartwatches that are under Android Wear. We also know that the Mountain View would be working on a new style of watch faces for these devices which would be characterized by a faster access to notices, information, or media playback controls.

The reason that has led him to Google to make their own smartwatches probably the most accurate response is that they want to control all aspects of the hardware to demonstrate the power of Android Wear. Also these two wearables are consistent with the news that we would see this year the first smartphone created by Google.

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