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Google makes available ADB and fastboot of way separate from Android Studio and the SDK


Occasions where one has to be dealing with ADB or fastboot to Flash a ROM from scratch or other tasks that are closely related to an Android smartphone are various. The handicap of having to mediate with ADB or fastboot is that to be able to get them we needed to download the huge package SDK or Android Studio for a fraction of it.

As well, from today this is no longer so, since Google allows that you can download this type of tools without having to go through the complete discharge of the SDK. This what means that only have that download files of a weight as maximum of 3.5 MB, by what the improvement is evident.

You can get the tools for Windows, Linux or Mac directly from Google’s servers. You take a ZIP file that contains the folder with the platform tools with ADB and fastboot other few for different conflicts. Previously, you’d have to download Android Studio or SDK to obtain them, which meant that you could download from the 400 MB up to 1.6 GB in some cases.

Even the smaller command lines come to weigh 200 – 300MB, so this detail that has had the big G is more than rewarding for those who have to be downloading these files to install ROMs or other chores with their smartphones.

In this way, also one can make of relegating in Google instead of third parties that may lead us suspecting not bedownloading what should, so it is a more secure way to download files from Google’s own servers.

These are the links to the downloads:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

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