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Google Maps already can use is 100% without hands

Google Maps ofrecerá un modo Sólo Wi-Fi

Google Maps is still at the head of existing navigation applications and services today. But even so, the company of the search knows that the work never is perfect, and that their service always is can improve a little more. And this is precisely what has made in its version for Android though, trying to be as positive and useful, strange new that the update is performed in silence.

Google Maps for Android has received an update that already works in handsfree in full, all by voice and no need or touch the terminal.

Google Maps can now operate only through the voice

Indeed, a from now on Google Maps is much more useful and above all, much safer when using your directions to the steering wheel. The last update that already is available in the Play Store allows that the app is used to the 100% using commands of voice, without have that touch for anything the phone.

So Google Maps start to process them indications given through our voice, already not will be necessary press the icon of the phone, simply with to pronounce the words magic: “OK Google”. Of this form, we can start the navigation to our destination, find a route alternative e even modify them settings of Google Maps.

Remember that update is being deployed at the moment, so it is possible to still not have it available. But if once you’ve updated it not 100% mode works hands-free, don’t forget to check that you have enabled voice commands in the configuration menu.

We are before a first version of this feature, by what their functions still are limited and only works with commands specific as:

  • Show route overview
  • Show alternate routes
  • How it comes to…
  • You are looking for petrol stations
  • How long is…
  • Take me home
  • Take me to Starbucks
  • What is the closest hotel?
  • How is the weather?
  • Search for restaurants

Of time, the mode 100% hands free only is available in Google Maps for Android, but we hope that soon it is to the rest of systems operating.

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