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Google Maps be updated soon with the option to download maps without connection to the SD


The last thing we heard about Google Maps is the opening of its beta so you can access it and you can have the latest news before anyone else. This also means that you have a version that may have some bugs and the user experience is not adequate. Another of the most striking features of the last few weeks is the fact the ETA to share with anyone so you know where we are going.

But the really interesting thing about 9.31 beta is that she is can download maps offline card micro SD so you can free main memory of those megabytes used. We must also comment that not only they are innovations in that capacity for offline maps, but it is working in multiple detours in a path and notifications to know that we have a prepared building plane so that we can explore it.

In relation to multiple detours, Google last year he added the ability to add only one. But it is now when you can add all who want single-trip. As regards the notifications for interior drawings, only left to airports at the moment. An interesting initiative that passed traveling by airplane for their work or that other travelling on holiday to a new destination, so you’ll have from your mobile phone the plane from the airport without having to look one in the same installation.


The most interesting thing about this beta is the ability to download the maps offline in SD to release a little main memory of those heavy files. It will now be expected to get the final version that will add several new features as such on multiple detours.

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