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Google Maps displays new version with Wi-Fi only mode and notifications for public transport

Google Maps

Two weeks ago we were discussing some new Google Maps relating to that single mode Wi-Fi for downloading data from the offline maps and can thus be used when we have a problem with the data. These maps offline has been one of the features by which other apps have been able to stand the app from Google as they have been Maps.ME or Nokia Maps HERE.

Is by this that are seeing features well interesting in this sense for a Maps that seemed that makes years is had forgotten of the maps without connection. Now are a new couple of features well useful which are beginning to be deployed in the last days for certain users that them are receiving. An of them is that mode only Wi-Fi for the download of data of way restricted and the other are the notifications for warn whenever there are of them delays in them transport public as can be the train or the bus.

If when open them settings of Google Maps, in the section of settings, you find the option called “only Wi-Fi”, you’re already ready to go of form offline or without connection with Google Maps. To the activate this feature cut the connection to them data for Maps and if press in some place of the description is open the screen of configuration for the areas offline. While it is active will appear a little bar showing your status and a notice that Maps will continue to use a small amount of data.

For those who travel by bus or train, the delay in arrival or departure notifications is quite interesting. And is that Google would be deploying them notifications customizable for the delay of this type of transport public. An interesting addition which can that you are receiving any in Google Maps.

Download: Maps: Navigation and transit (Free, Google Play) →

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