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Google Maps for Android is updated with multiple destinations


Last week we did a review of some of the features that will be integrated into the final version of Google Maps for the next few weeks. A Google Maps that continues to update properly for the times in which we are and who is still looking for the way to provide a better final experience to the user, that at the end is what is to be releasing new updates to the apps.

Google has been working on the implementation of multiple destinations in the app Maps for Android. It is now when has finally reached this feature for some users who already have it available on your device. Multiple destinations allow you to put the stops you want on the route that you take to your final destination, and is itself a characteristic well useful for users who often use BlaBlaCar when several passengers in the car.

Like other so many new features coming to Google apps, this multiple destinations is updated from the server-side, so that there is a current update to the Maps app. As such, this will take a while reaching all users, so, if you don’t have it active, don’t worry, it’s a matter of time.


With regard to this new functionality, has been one of the most required and requested by users for some time, basically since the navigation was present on an Android device. And the truth that for those users who have to make several stops before reaching its destination, so I put the example of BlaBlaCar, is very useful to not have that be happening again and again marking a new destination.

Also we leave you with the latest APK from Google Maps if you want to update it, although I said, will come from the side of the server.

Download the APK from Google Maps

Download: Maps (Free, Google Play) →

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