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Google Maps now has a beta open through the Play Store


Google already stated not long ago that it would offer more facilities to the users and developers so that both devices could enter the beta and receive the feedback needed to improve the app before the release of the final version. Something quite necessary and that we like to keep abreast of updates coming, for that is a great feature from Google Play.

One of those apps that have passed to the open beta so that you can try the innovations that arrive is Google Maps. Google has managed to make the process for entering the beta for Android user fairly easy. It is simply click on the direct link, which you’ll find below, and you’ll get that message that tells you that already forms part of the program Maps beta.

Forming part of the beta program replaces the current version and end by one that could have bugs and may that it yields perfectly while the rough edges will be filing. Anyway, is a great opportunity to attend the news from Google Maps, like that waiting for us to draw a map of the locations we have visited or another that will allow us to share the ETA with any contact in another app.

You also have to know that you can remove you from the program beta at any time if you do not want to be part of the test bench that will be the thousands of users that start from today itself in the beta of Google Maps. So it seems that we will soon see more news related to this app that has been “attacked” by others like HERE Maps.

To participate in the beta, go to this link and you will indicate that you go through the Google Play Store to download the application or update. You also have this link to send your suggestions.

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