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Google Maps receives a design more clear and the “areas of interest”

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These weeks we have known several updates Google Maps well interesting and which demonstrate the interest that is putting Google in this app so it is not back to others that are pushing too hard. A maps app that tends to be widely used because there are many people who leave their locations and are going to spend a few days with the family at this time.

Google is now in the process of deploying a few clear maps in Google Maps in an attempt to show the most relevant information to users. By what we can have in days a new feature that will make highlight certain areas to which is them has called as areas of interest. If Google thinks that there is something special in an area well in particular, you’ll see it prominently on the map.

This detail that can be overlooked, can give more news in the future to convert those fixed in “smarts” maps. Now hope that Google not fall in the attempt that would be the advertising to highlight certain stores or areas commercial with offers for shopping.


At the moment, the new maps will highlight different brands and items. This is can see that the lines of the roads not are displayed in it most of them views, and that it palette of colors has been retouched so is more easy highlight places as schools, parks and more. Can tell that is focused more now those maps in the small details.

Áreas de interés

With regard to those “areas of interest”, will be displayed in an area shaded in Orange. This what represents is an area in which the algorithm of Google has detected a large concentration of locations that you would like to perhaps meet. That area, when we do zoom in it, will show individual trades such as bars, restaurants and shops. This update is being deployed in today, so you can use it when you visit cities for new sites.

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