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Google Maps will allow share your ETA, direct access to destinations and create a map with your locations history

Google Maps

Yesterday Google Maps updated with some small features that together reveal more than a one. An update to improve certain aspects of the app as incorporate an option to notify new popular sites or integrate the possibility to perform a search under the mode of bike or walk. What still remains is the feeling that we want something with more juice from this app that has been gradually improved without well relevant integrations.

But this could change soon when the version launched yesterday in the 9.26.1’s indicated that Google is about to unveil a lot of features that we will face a new Google Maps. It is not that it will change the app completely, but it will be able to share our ETA with any contact, create a shortcut to navigate directly to your most common destinations and the ability to create a map of your locations history private.

Sharing your ETA

This feature we have in other apps such as Glympse or the same Waze, acquired by Google and that has helped to have some interesting features such as traffic alerts on Maps. A feature that can be used to display in place where we are in real time and in this way save us having these by sending a message to the family to show them how much we have to get to the family dinner. We share the ETA and they only must look every bit the app to know exactly where they are located on the map.


So Google is ready to Add a button that will allow us to share our location in real time. An important feature to avoid that drivers are sending messages through your smartphone while driving. An act involving traffic accidents, so not we would take to see this functionality soon available in the app.

Direct access to your favorite destinations

In Waze we have the option to create favorite from that can access quickly to go to work, home, or any that have custom and that allows us, from a quick press, until the entire route available in the app so we go towards it.


There are many users who use Google Maps for travel to certain places in a way frequent, so it does not have direct access to that destination is something that can be done already. What happens now is that Google will make us to know that we can use this feature when the user sole frequent travel to certain destinations.

It will ask if you want to Add a shortcut to a path that we tend to take the car when using Google Maps. Easier may not be.

Map of your locations history

This is the most visual and attractive feature of this series of developments which we will soon emerge from the lines of code already present in the new Google Maps apk. A feature can have on the history of Google locations on the desktop and showing the locations of the last months in a map.


Now, this feature is aimed directly at Android. On a map we can see our track record of locations in a simple way as indicated in this map reflected here. A map that will be shown privately only for the user.

Other features that have been found in the version of yesterday, we discussed yesterday and which highlights the option to be able to meet new popular sites in your area or where there is. A Google Maps which is getting interesting news and before the attempt of other options, like HERE Maps, have Google working hard enough to get better, at least gradually.

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