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Google Messenger 2.0 is updated with a renewed interface


Unlike Google Hangouts for Android, that already seems destined to oblivion, Google Messenger has accelerated its improvement to include support for the latest features of the system.

Google Messenger has just received a new update that puts it in version 2.0 with a new icon and a redesign that fits better to the general appearance of the phone application in Android 7.1.

Google Messenger 2.0

Google Messenger 2.0 update now presents an updated new icon similar to the one seen in the Launcher of Pixel smartphones and other devices.

Also is has updated the icon that appears in the bar of notifications to coincide with the new icon of the application.

In addition, also is has adopted a range of tones blue more dark that those seen in Android 6.0. Them icons of them contacts, circular, now are slightly more small by what the display main that shows the list of the talks now is shows something more dense allowing see more talks.

Google Messenger 2.0 se actualiza con una renovada interfaz

As for the view of each individual conversation, this also has been slightly redesigned with rounded for each message bubbles that match the style of Google Allo. In general, Google Messenger 2.0 is a dramatically more compact version that shows more lines of text due to a lower filling and the fact that disappears the icon from the contact with each one of your sent messages. Also, under the icon of send, a text advises if is is of a SMS or an MMS.

Another change important it found on the screen again message. A ‘ Top contacts ‘ section replaces the frequent contacts and all contacts tabs. There the eight most frequent contacts of the user, display their profile icons, to send messages faster or start conversations in group. Immediately below, all contacts are listed alphabetically.

Google Messenger 2.0 update is being deployed at the moment through the Play Store.

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