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Google Now time card has been enhanced with two new graphics

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While we keep hoping that the time card is updated to the official in several regions and in which the frog has become the pet to share weather information, of Mountain View to continue improving these data seeking for that with a simple voice command can know if in the coming days the heat will keep us locked at home hoping that they pass the hours and it reaches almost overnight.

In the process of upgrading their applications, Google has now added an improvement to that time card that now receives two new graphics. One is to show the precipitation and the other for the wind. It is under the graph of temperature in the eyelash of “Today” and “Tomorrow” and they are being received in the Google app in its final version 6.0 and in 6.1 beta. It could even be seen in older versions of the application.

The graph of precipitation and wind can come in very handy for certain circumstances. In these days of summer, where many practice sports like kite surfing or the same wind surfing, to get up in the morning and see quickly from Google Now the forecast time for wind card, it comes helpful. For those who do not practice this type of sports and are also in a great Blizzard area, predict will be long, can allow the saving of the trip to the play, as you can pass in rate with these beautiful beaches, but in which there are days that it is impossible to go.

The graphics are divided by hours for time of the day of today and of tomorrow. They also show details about the direction of the wind and the speed as well as the opportunity of falling rain and the volume of the same.

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