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Google photos now synchronizes the photos deleted on the device from other apps


Google photos is located as the best gallery app in Android at this point. Its exceptional characteristics have earned for that even Apple is set to ellaa and bring them to your iOS. We can talk about the recognition of elements in the image and the ability to create short stories in an intelligent manner when “check” that there are a series of images that have something in common.

Synchronization of photos stored through different devices also has emphasized since it was released, and has been able to offer in this respect a great management for the user. Now is when even the better to synchronize the photos that have been removed from Gallery of third-party apps for which we do not have to repeat this process twice.

Up to 1.23, the version of Google pictures that brings this interesting improves, when a photograph was taken with your mobile phone and was an automatic copy, go to another app you third party for the Gallery, deleted catches do not you wanted to keep, would be still in your Google photos account. It is now when changed completely with this new version. And it is that now photos will be “smart” enough to realize the changes that has been made from a gallery of third-party app to also delete those images.

This now having to be deleting the same images from two different apps; tomas Quickpic, you delete the photos that you want, and they will be deleted from Google pictures without having to do anything else. A new feature coming to the week that introduction of the pass of slideshow so when we launch the photos to the Smart TV, they can move automatically without anything more than enjoy all those wonderful pictures that we made with our smartphone.

Download the APK from Google photos 1.23

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