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Google Pixel 2, apart from waterproof, will have a camera and improved CPU


Google Pixel is called the Unicorn, that sacred animal that is known to exists, but that hardly anyone has been able to see it. Google will have to explain the reason for the lack of stock for this mobile device that has been sued by many users and has achieved some sell it to price exorbitant at Amazon.

If yesterday was the rumor about Google Pixel 2 water resistance, now appears another that includes more new features to make the successor of one of the best smartphones of 2016 another phone to break the corduroy in the year 2017. A 2 Pixel which will be better, faster and more powerful.

The new report cites internal sources that stays that Google is testing several versions of Pixel 2 and one of the prototypes is known as Pixel 2B, which would be a lower version of the flagship focused on emerging markets.

Details that are available on the 2 Pixel, the report clarifies that it will be resistant to water, a characteristic that is present in the majority of the flagships, and which was overlooked in the original Pixel. The 2 Pixel has IP67 or IP68 certified, allowing you to immerse themselves in water up to 1-1.5 meters for 30 minutes. A certification that will obtain the Galaxy S8 to offer the greatest possible resistance in this regard.

Pixel 2 prototypes are being tested with 83 Snapdragon chips X, aside from using Intel chips. Details on the phone display are not available for all we know at present, although the camera, one of the best qualities of the original Pixel, will be another goal of the big G to offer even better performance. What will be will be photography in low light conditions.

The price of the 2 Pixel will increase at about $ 50, while “entry” Pixel will be significantly cheaper.

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