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Google Pixel camera is excellent even in low light conditions


Much has been made in recent weeks fascinating camera pixel. Electronic image stabilization that allows excellent videos or rate of capturing images that even allows the HDR mode activated constantly. And it is in that mode HDR where Pixel gives everything whether to even work swimmingly in these circumstances of low light in which many terminals fail open.

It is in low light circumstances where now proves if a phone has a large photograph. And is that there same big G phone comes with very good score even beating its direct rivals. The curious thing is that the own Google advised those who received the phone for analysis had always active HDR mode, since it is under this mode where this phone is its great photography.

Although the Pixel does not have OIS (optical image stabilization), their EIS manages to do a great job in every way. Surely the best thing of all is taking the colors realistically even under circumstances of low light, when in other phones, to take a better picture distance themselves from a few colors that may be alive or authentic.

iPhone 7 Plus
Google Pixel
iPhone 7 Plus
Google Pixel

It is not that all those photos with low light circumstances leave winner to other smartphones, but that we were quite surprised by the capabilities of the EIS and all what can further improve by Google, since we have the first phone manufactured by this company and it is hoped that this first Pixel is which opens the way for others arrive as well as a picture improved.

So all remain on tenterhooks before the evolution of photography by EIS and those Pixel that will be coming in the next few years.

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