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Google Pixel survives an hour under water

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One fervent criticism of Google Pixel is its limited capacity for resistance to water. Unlike most ships these days, Google Pixel has only IP53 certification, which means that you can “survive” drops of water falling from any angle.

The only thing that happens that these certifications are usually not as completely certain and may fall into error. Is has put to the Pixel during a time dipped in a bowl of water and has come out of the same without any type of problems, but to the reverse, alive and kicking.

So one of their details do not so much and we have a great phone in the rest of the specifications. That Yes, what not it can happen one after seeing that video, is to take your Pixel and put it in a pool where the water pressure is higher than in a bowl of water.


A phone that we’ve been knowing that you smoke from a smartphone that it was thought that it was just sold by Google, has become the best Android device for a number of reasons. From having the best camera of the moment, superior performance, an excellent autonomy or a design premium that distinguishes it from the other terminals. Surely that its price is going to be a major barrier for many, but those who are used to the high range of Samsung or the iPhone, will be a serious candidate to be your phone at the expense of the other two.

Finally, we are left with a smartphone that tampoco is very much in danger if drop you a few drops of water, as it can happen in these days in which we are being passed by water with these rains that continued throughout the country.

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