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Google Play adds a new algorithm that manages to reduce the size of the downloads and updates

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The Google Play Store covers all kinds of multimedia content which include apps and video games. Google always tends to update their app and want the best user experience is always the user focuses on the search for apps or the installation of the same. Play Store boasts 65,000 million installed apps, which is itself a spectacular number. By what Google always tries to improve this app to offer best results to those users that daily enter in it.

To improve the experience of use, Google has applied a new algorithm to them installers of them inspirational downloads from the Play Store, what allows that the downloaded are minor in size. Have some downloads more reduced is what many hope, since spent a good time downloading those megs to have those apps installed. Not only in the installation, but also in the update of all those apps, so this improves is well evident to the Google Play Store.

It is clear that reducing the size of the installers APK, updates they will consume less time to have all these apps and games running in a matter of seconds. And what we may wonder how is Google capable of reducing the size of an app if it is having. This is must to an algorithm delta called “bsdiff” and what makes is reduce in a 50 per cent the size of them parks that downloaded to update the apps.

Also, this algorithm applies to the files of the expansions; those who are discharged when we have a game that occupies the hundreds of megs. Google has declared that the algorithm reduces the size of the initial download by 12 per cent.

The objective in the long run, is this algorithm to get the size of the file and updating information is more accurate.

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