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Google Play Services is updated with a good load of new features and improvements

Play Services

Google Play Services is one of the apps you might say that it works in the background and is the base so we can use all those apps and services to those that are used every day in our smartphone.

It is now when Google Play Services has received one major upgrade that adds a number of features and enhancements that should be helpful for developers and users of Android. Among all these innovations, Google has decided to disable Nearby Notifications because of a problem that have not been able to collect on time.

The own large G is that has published a rather extensive list of changes that shows all the important changes which have been included in Google Play Services version 9.8 By what comes to them notifications nearby, possibly for the next update is activated.

All these new developments, which draws more attention possibly is the ability to users to populate the associated phone numbers will now in your account with a simple click on those apps that use the API credentials.

Google Fit, the app for sport and health, now has a new API, Goals, which allows apps to ‘read’ the objectives of fitness created by users from the app for Android devices. And, although close notifications have been disabled temporarily, has improved with a new option in the interface, as it offers support for hands-free actions.

Finally, we stayed with Cast API that has been improved with new features and improvements, as in the case of Firebase. We can not forget that this new update brings about correction of bugs and some modifications that will improve the performance of this service that stays in the background on numerous occasions so that everything goes like silk.

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