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Google Play Store displays a new interface for search results

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Shop for apps, games and all kinds of multimedia content of Android, or known as Google Play Store, is getting improvements aesthetic and new features, like the one that arrived 4 weeks ago and which enables third-party developers to sale subscriptions of your applications so that users can see is called to his acquisition as a monthly fee.

Ways to attract more audience to the shop of digital multimedia content from Google and that, through what is an improved interface and to the taste of the customer wanting to consume apps and video games, is being updated as today itself with a new UI that puts the focus on every app that is displayed in the search results.

There are already several users who are reporting that Google Play Store is deploying an update from the server-side. This update features is a new design based on cards for the search results when you search content in the form of apps, games and more.

Play nueva UI

As I have said, the new interface is based on focusing on every app that is displayed from these results. When you perform a search, you will receive cards larger than you can go sliding left and right. Includes the option to install, uninstall, descriptions and more. And, in the end, it is more than one prior of the page of the app.

We have one of those updates that will be unfolding in a regional way, so that you can not have it active on your smartphone and in the next hours or days, you can access this new way to interact with search results when you want to find an app to design logos or take a picture with a specific and special filter.

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