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Google prepares the VR version of Chrome for Android


Virtual reality is taking leaps and bounds this year with a series of products ranging from new viewers of Cardboard or the VR Gear from Samsung, up a few options more enriching as they are their own lives from HTC and Oculus Rift. Cheaper and more expensive options to experience a virtual reality that opens other worlds and other experiences.

And is that apart from being able to travel through Cardboard to even see videos in fact virtual, soon will be capable of browsing the web from a viewer like the Google. Mountain View’s are working on version of VR of Chrome for Android, as indicated in the builds of Chrome Beta and Chrome Dev for Android.

Chrome Beta includes WebVR setting which allows the user to explore the web sites for use on the VR, while Chrome Dev also has a VR shell that would make it possible to browse the web with a Cardboard and a terminal DayDream, even those that weren’t ready for virtual reality. As it works now, you’d have to take off the Cardboard if the web site that you explore is not prepared for the VR.

VR Shell in Chrome Dev is not quite ready to use, something that is not surprising since the Chrome Dev app is used to test features in an alpha state. The fact that the VR shell is in Chrome Dev shows that Google is working hard to make this feature available when DayDream terminals reaching end of year from makers like Huawei. Google is also working on adding support to Chrome for Oculus Rift and HTC lives.

Web scan in VR support means that, apart from what one is used when you think of virtual reality, I would add an interesting point of interest for a list of features of DayDream.

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