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Google presents G Suite Enterprise, with improvements of security and administration

Google presenta G Suite for Enterprise con controles de seguridad y prevención de pérdida de datos para Drive

Thousands of companies paid each month by the use of productivity applications integrated into the G suite of Google, and now, the company is improving that service with the introduction of the G Suite Enterprise Edition and several new features for security and administration.

Formerly known as “Google Apps”, G Suite includes access to services such as Gmail, Google Drive, documents, spreadsheet, presentations, forms, Google Calendar and Google Sites, among other services.

G Suite level for companies up

Although the G suite is primarily aimed at businesses and the business sector, the truth is that it is also widely used in the field of education, the Government and even in associations and non-profit organizations. With the introduction of this new level of company, G Suite Enterprise, Google offers all them services that already came offering currently, but to a new level more high, along with new and interesting functions as the prevention of loss of data (DLP), an administration of group improved and features of encrypted.

Prevention of loss of data (DLP)

Preventing loss of data or DLP is nothing new for Google because it’s a feature – function which is now also included in its e-mail service Gmail for all the G Suite Education users. The big difference is that now, in this new level for the company, be applied first in Google Drive.

Google has explained that the prevention of loss of data (DLP) in Google Drive makes that “is still more easy for the administrators protect data confidential, control what content is can store and protect to them users of share information confidential accidentally of form external”.

The G Suite DLP protection goes beyond standard DLP with OCR and easy to configure rules for content stored in images so administrators can enforce policies and easily control how data are shared “.”

In 2015, we launched DLP for Gmail with rules easy to configure, recognition of scanning images OCR and advanced customization. Today extend the DLP to Google Drive, facilitating even more to them administrators it security of the data confidential, the control of them contained that can store is and the protection of them users against the Exchange accidental of information confidential external. It protection DLP of G Suite goes more beyond of the DLP standard with rules easy of configure and recognition of OCR of content stored in images so the administrators can do meet them political easily and control how is share them data.

Greater safety in Gmail with the encrypted S /MIME e integration BigQuery

To improve the security of email in Gmail, G Suite now offers encrypted S / MIME enables the Organization to incorporate their own certificates. The administrators also can reinforce the use of the encrypted according to the rules of the organization. In addition, users can analyze Gmail logs “with a pre-configured BigQuery integration” so administrators can perform sophisticated custom queries and high performance, analyze your data and create custom boards. The solutions of archiving of mail electronic of third also are more easy of integrate with Gmail thanks to them updates implemented now.

The new G Suite Enterprise level also allows organizations force authentication of two steps in the members of the Group, either through traditional methods or through the most secure passwords Bluetooth NFC that are available. Administrators even can limiting users only to security keys-based logins, as well as manage the deployment of these keys together with the reports of use.

Google announcement about the new Enterprise for G Suite level “is designed to provide the peace of mind that our enterprise customers demand and deserve”, noted the company through a publication in its official blog, and all the news are now available in G Suite.

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