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Google proves its hybrid Andromeda Chrome OS/Android in Nexus 9

Nexus 9

We are waiting with a little desire on 4 October for the variety of novelties that will present Google. The greater part of the event will run with the presentation of hardware that will have its importance by have to them Pixel, Google Home, the viewer DayDream or what will be the new Chromecast 4 K. But not only will be important the hardware, but in what you touch to the software, say Google Assistant or that system operating hybrid Android / Chrome OS that has been internally called as “Andromeda”.

Now we know that Google is testing its new hybrid OS in the Nexus 9 tablet manufactured by HTC two years ago. Is know because is has found to the file “SurfaceCompositionTest.jave”, which is a series of measures to test the performance graphic. This test refers directly to ‘Andr√≥meda’ on numerous occasions, in which even cited that this OS hybrid devices require a higher score on the general performance of the terminal.

The minimum score that would need a device to make work Andromeda is 8.0. In comparison, the score you need Android is at least 4.0. Nexus 9 perfectly exceeded this score with an 8.8, more perfect for the requirements for this OS hybrid that makes in a joint to Android and Chrome OS.

It is truly unknown reason so they are testing early versions in Nexus 9. Is can assume that Andromeda is focused in getting a better Android focused for devices as portable as those 2 in 1. Others of them assumptions van in relation to the way free that is has seen in Android Nougat throughout the year. A fact is that “SurfaceCompositionMeasuringActivity.jave” mention detecting devices Andromeda by having a free window management.

We will see to where there is this hybrid and if we will know more than the in the event of October 4.

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