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Google search betatesters for GBoard and Google Play Services

Get a new application to work properly requires extensive testing to find errors and bugs that sometimes go unnoticed. Why appear different beta versions so that normal users try the tools and features of each application, as well as report errors. Google is no exception, so the company is looking for testers for the new Gboard keypad and Google Play Services.

Users can now be replaced by testers and test upcoming releases and news in both apps until they are published in official form. If you want to help the development of these apps you can login via Google Play Store search at the bottom of the screen in the box in each app and press on the button that says “Become a Beta tester” and then confirm with “I want to participate”. Keep in mind that you can jump in any time the program so there are no complications to return to your original state.

How to improve the quality of GBoard and Google Play Services

Within minutes of targeting us as testers for Google Play Services and GBoard will receive new versions, in the case of Google Play Services downloads the 10.5 beta and GBoard 6.1. Remember that the testers always receive new versions with some weeks in advance in order to try them and report any complication related to the applied changes.

If the testers made a good job, when becomes stable and official version do not tend to have big surprises that hinder the performance of apps. This is something Basic for a company like Google that puts much effort in providing quality services. GBoard and Google Play Services it is no exception, that’s their new versions now invite users to perform the functions of testers. If you like to try before anyone else the news from your favorite apps, do not hesitate to sign up for the Google testing program.

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